Pumice Powder: Where it came from

Pumice has been mined for a long time due to its accessibility all over the world. However, not all of the pumice in the world is ideal to be used in hygiene or industrial products. When it comes to mining pumice, it is scraped up using bulldozers due to a large amount of soil covering the pumice. https://viennaimports.com/pumice-powder offers excellent info on this.

It is then dried to specific moisture that would meet the criteria for refinement.Did you know that the Greeks and Romans were heavily dependent on pumice inorder to create the concrete used to build their empires, which includes roads,temples, and other structures? Mostof the pumice that the Romans used came from a city near Rome named Pozzuoli.However, it should be noted that pumice is not a localized product.Thecriteria whether a certain pumice deposit would receive great market demand isbased on its MOHS scale hardness, purity level, whiteness, and a miningcompany’s capability to refine those deposits into meeting the specs of variousindustries. This is why not all pumice can be turned into pumice powder.